what the heck

sit in a room with 200 other grumpy delawareans. shift uncomfortably in stiff, red chairs. glare around and act like you could be doing more with your time. huff huff what an inconvenience. sigh audibly when they call your name and get a few laughs from the people around you. sigh sigh ugh i hate this place and so do you, you say. ugh what a dumb thing to be doing. read a book. read a book by kurt vonnegut. get uncomfortable when the man next to you tries to flirt with you. get annoyed when he makes fun of you for never reading ‘slaughterhouse five.’ ohoho not a real vonnegut fan, then, i guess. politely ignore him. he gets up and sits somewhere else. watch as they turn a movie on to entertain the crowd. it is ‘the hangover.’ oh no. everyone is quoting ‘the hangover’ now. oh no. oh no. get sincerely annoyed now. oh whoops, you can go home now.

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